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Minna-san, Welcome to my blog! I am currently studying abroad in Tokyo and I made this blog to help those who are interested in or are currently studying abroad in Japan. This is NOT sponsored by Disney so do not expect any sugar coating! *You have been warned*

The Japanese have this concept called Honne and Tatemae. Honne is what you really think and Tatemae is the facade you put up. With Tatemae, the key is to refrain from showing your true colors and maintain the facade you have created. Well, I am not Japanese so I will talk about the good and the bad aspects of my study abroad experience. I want to provide you, the readers, with a realistic and current view of Japan. Of course, this will all be from MY point of view and it is important that you all remember that everyone's experience is and will be different. Therefore, I welcome all viewpoints and opinions that my readers may have so please feel free to leave them in the comment sections.

Lastly, my advice to those who have an idealistic, fantasy view of Japan: for your own sanity, lose that image and come to Japan with an open mind. I feel that that is the only way to truly enjoy your experience and avoid disillusionment.

Also side note, this blog is ACTUALLY sponsored by the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. If you would like more information about the Gilman program, please click here. http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Gilman-Scholarship-Program


And so Minna-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

"What you say?!" Section (Courtesy of jisho.org)

Minna-san, みんなーさん (皆ーさん) - All, everybody, everyone

Honne, ほんね (本音) - real intention, motive

Tatemae, たてまえ (建前) - face, official stance, facade

yoroshiku onegaishimasu, よろしくおねがいします (よろしくお願いします) - please treat me well!

Ikemen Desu Ne T_T

man it doesnt matter if its the korean version or the current japanese version (which is REALLY great btw), i still feel my heart break for the 2nd lead, the brown hair guy Shu-san who likes Mio. Its just SO FREAKIN SAD. How much does it suck to love someone so much but to have that same person keep telling you over and over "confess to her; if its you, im sure it will be okay!" when we allll know it wont be because 1. shes the girl and 2. shes in love with someone else. so freakin sad, like i just cant T_T



My Korean friend thinks that Kuroki Meisa, aka goddess that graced us with her presence on Earth, is deformed looking and has a weird jaw....Kuroki Meisa.....http://aromantictragedy.blogspot.com/2010/08/kuroki-meisa-scans-uniqlo-and-25ans.html

look at these pics

omg and he thinks that Eita is the only hot japanese guy and that Namie Amuro is BETTER looking than Kuroki Meisa.....wtfffffffffffffffff some one help me understand.

he just said....her face is just THAT appealing....

like wtf

i would KILL my newborn (im kidding but please understand the impact of what he is saying) to look like Kuroki Meisa

Spring Drama Season!!!~

 Yay!!! lollll well a little life update: 1. I bought tickets to JYJ. Im probably going to have to sell one since I have no one to go with. (The two friends I know like JYJ: 1 said that she WISHES she liked them enough to go all the way to the concert....in my mind i was like all the way? girl its 20 min from 42nd street like LOL. and the 2nd girl was like i wont pay 40 bucks for them (i ended up buying the 70 dollar tickets and got some good seats) but wow though. i paid 200 for kattun and i paid 70 for arashi (because i was so FREAKIN LUCKYYYYYYYY. Thank you TOKO!!!!!) anywayzzz yea if anyone wants to buy my other jyj ticket and go with me ^_~ let me know!)

On wards to Spring Drama Season!!!! Whoop whoop! Excited. okay okay my picks for the season!

1. Shiawase ni Narou yo!!!!

Bio: The story involves Katori playing a successful advisor at a marriage consultation agency that aims to bring together people looking for partners. Kuroki plays one of the agency’s clients, who is “so beautiful” that the manual he uses doesn’t apply to her, while Fujiki plays a rich and handsome lawyer who is also a client. Katori starts to fall for Kuroki, but as a professional, he pairs the two together

Um Summary: Shingo + Kuroki Meisa + Fujiki Naohito = WIN WIN WIN WINNING!!!!!

dyiiiiing to see this. these are some of my favorite actors/actresses. mitai mitai mitaiiiiiiiiii!~
2. BOSS 2....enough said!
3. Rebound
um the bio...okay it SOUNDS stupid. but okay hmm heres the bio
Bio: After a failed relationship, Nobuko puts her all into dieting and finds success. She begins to work for her favorite fashion magazine, and just when her new life is falling into place she meets Taiichi, a handsome patissier. However, when Nobuko eats cakes, she can't stop - moreover, if she gains weight, she'll be fired. In the end, will Nobuko rebound...?
heres more on it from the article that made me really wanna watch it.
Rebound” is a drama about a girl who goes through elementary, middle, and high schools being obese, and revolves around her fight to shed her excess flab while dealing with work and love.
“Rebound” will use the subject matter of dieting in order to explore questions such as, “Does thin equal beautiful?”, “Where does fat tend to accumulate?”, and “What is the true meaning of beauty?”, and will definitely highly appeal to female viewers.
and so TOTS on my list! 
Annnnd there ya have it. my spring drama list!~ just watched Boss 2 Ep 1 ^_^


Friends Only!!

 Hey folks, Im going to be more active in my lj, posting about JE  (Arashi, KAT-TUN etc.) and personal stuff as well so my journal is now Friends Only!!
Read the picture! Just comment and I will add you! :D It's that simple!